Reasons to Hire a Per Diem Attorney for a Brand New Firm

Reasons to Hire a Per Diem Attorney for a Brand New Firm

Starting your own firm – either on your own or with a partner or team of partners – is an exciting time for any attorney. You’re eager to put your experience to work and to bring new and returning clients into the fold. You can decide how to do things your way and offer more personalized service at a smaller firm or you can look at it as the start of something grander, something to rival the larger firms around. Regardless, there are few better opportunities to make the most of the services per diem attorneys provide than when opening a brand new firm.

Fill in Hiring Gaps

Visit and book your per diem attorneys today. They’ll often come work with as little as one day’s notice. As you’re getting an idea of how your firm will operate and how many supporting staff and junior attorneys you’ll need to hire, these per diem attorneys will work to support you in the office with research and brainstorming, will attend court for your firm, or will perform any number of legal tasks to get your business up and running during the gap between deciding on the number of positions and hiring the permanent additions.

Get Advice on Shaping the Firm

Per diems have years – sometimes even decades – of experience in the field and have worked with countless firms. They know what kind of practices work and what don’t. Not only can they help you keep a new office running, but you can also hire them to come to the office and offer a third party opinion on what works and what doesn’t to get a clearer picture of how to shape your firm as it grows.

Focus on What You Love Best

If you’re an attorney who prefers getting new clients and meeting with them to convince them you’re worth hiring for their case, you can relegate per diem attorneys to cover those quick court dates you have scheduled to keep the business going. Similarly, if you prefer spending most of your time in court, a per diem can stay behind to meet with new clients and update existing clients on the progression of their cases.

Whether you just opened your new firm’s doors this week or you’ve been a fledgling firm for a few years, per diem attorneys can help move your business forward. Of course, they’re helpful at long-time established firms as well, but newer firms will find their services especially useful as they grow.

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